Monday, January 31, 2011


So I've discussed worse case scenarios, "shit hits the fan", with many people with varying perspectives on the topic and still aren't able determine where I find myself. As usually most people consider those who are always planning for the worst case to happen are those who actually desire it to happen, where other say that those who don't plan are merely disregarding the potential for a bad situation to occur and will rely upon other whom are better prepared.
Not wishing for anything in my life to drastically change I hope that nothing bad is to occur, however you can never truly know. So as of recently I have begun mapping different street and walkway routes out of my city and dailly haunts. This may seem paranoid, but like they say I would rather be prepared and not sorry then sorry and unprepared.
Now bringing this back to the blogs focus, guns are a VERY GOOD thing to have in a situation that can turn bad. I personally have stocked up around about 100 shotgun shells of various loads. This is not shoot at the nearest thing that spooks me, but to ensure that if armed deference is required that I won't hear that dread *click* at an inopportune time. Plus that stock of shells will serve me very well in case of a zombie apocalypse (which I will be talking about in the next post).

Oh and just one last thing, this is who I want to be with if S were to ever HTF

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gun ownership

Just a few amongst many

Firearms owners beleifs

Let me start by saying this, this blog is not started to glorify my own beliefs about the impact of guns in our American society, it is merely to show that guns will remain a important part of civilized societies, offering stability and boundaries that were understood if crossed would result in serious consiquences.

I personally was never raised around any firearms, but non the less had a lasting interest in them. As with any kids, today or years before I was drawn in by the power and excitement that guns offered. But with an environment that was not welcoming or suited to gun ownership I had to develop my own views and rationals for owning guns.
Today as any owner I no longer see them just as a tool for power, but objects that serve many functions from sport to security.

To end this first post I leave you with this image to consider