Sunday, May 22, 2011

Death of OBL

So what I thought I'd do today is talk about the death of Osama Bin Laden (yeah I know late post, no one cares).As I've listened and talked with others about the affects that this mans death would have on the War on Terror I've come up with varying results and opinions. I;ve heard so many different theories, from "he's still alive" to "AQ is finished and the war on Terror will soon be won", many of which I cannot fully agree with (though I do believe the man is deader than dirt and floating underwater right now). The one thing that almost every person I've talked to has been willing to admit to is that they will not shed a single tear for this man being dead, but having admitted to that most believed that this was no where near the end of the War on Terror or of AQ.
Even with the killing of OBL and the taking of all the intel inside the compound during the raid I have to say that this is probably going to end up deeply fracturing and disorganizing the larger AQ organization but not destroying it. As you look back on previous terror networks, whether it was the PLO, Black September,or many of the European communist terrorist networks, that with the killing of their leadership or the dismantling of the original group structure that the lower ranking operatives or combatants will escape or fade away long enough to form a newer, often more violent and fanatical group. This is how terrorism has always operated and survived. Added to this is that AQ has been around for nearly 30 years , they've have more then enough time to create a structure that would allow them to survive without their founder. The reason that I believe this to be true is looking at Al Queda in Iraq after the death of Abu Musab al Zarqawi, they were greatly reliant on his leadership ruthlessness to continue gaining power, but after his death the group was disorganized for a time but recovered with new leadership. Lastly even if AQ was to collapse after OBL's death they still influence the various militant groups which they were connected to as an example, either as a group structure to emulate or so an example of martyrdom to strive for.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Raptures Here, Prepare for Armageddon

Hey followers, sorry ot has taken me such a while to get back to this blogAs I sure many of you have heard the world is supposed to have ended today, and as of now still remains. I don't know how any body else thought about this but strangely I was actually looking forward to Armageddon. A post apocalyptic existence, whether by zombies of God vs. Devil show down, seemed like one giant excuse to own guns and fight for your own protection and life. Or maybe I was just hoping to have a little skeet shooting session using floating Christians as targets

Monday, February 21, 2011

Assault Weapons

Since I live in California there is alot of gun crime as well as alot of restrictions placed on weapons that can be owned. While I understand the theory behind why assault weapons should be controlled knowing some of examples of their uses in the past, the West Hollywood Shootout for example.

However the laws that stand do not make much of an impact on gun crime at all, since most crime that is committed nationwide does not involve a assault weapon but handguns (which are not restricted in California). Added to this the language of California Assault Weapon Ban defines an assault weapon as a weapon that can be reloaded quickly by the use of button release for magazines replacement (which the basis for all modern semi-auto pistols, again legal and unrestricted) can be applied nearly any modern weapon from bolt action hunting rifles to high caliber assault rifles.

Friday, February 18, 2011

100 Followers and 1000 Pageviews

First let me start by saying, thank you to all my followers and those who have shown interest in my blog. Today I've finally reached 100 followers and 1000 page views in the same day. To all who have followed and commented, I thank you again. I've found composing this blog fun and inspiring, and seek to continue to give my followers something interesting to follow and of course a small dose of my own BS.

In thanks to all those who made this possible, I give you a dump of girls and guns


Rainy Day post

It's been raining all week and I haven't been able to go out and play with my toys, so in place or range day I give you gun porn

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cat Shit One, Epic Series

Found this off youtube, have seen the trailers but never the whole episodes online. Pretty hard not to laugh when you realize your watching a mixture of 30 second Bunny Theater and Body Of Lies knock off. But then again a Bunny Operators Gonna Operate

Just for the Hell of It

I've said a fair deal here about the importance of the 2nd Amendment, but today I really don't care. So I felt that this post seemed appropriate

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now Thats What I Call A Gun

The Gepard GM6 .50 Caliber Heavy Sniper Rifle. Looks like the Spce Ops community is going to be getting a new toy, God only knows I want one too

Code Pink Fails Again

When I heard about this story I could not stop laughing. The head of Code Pink, the ultra-liberal, contradictive war hating group of delusional ass hats, headed to Cairo to this week to "show solidarity with the protesters" against the Mubarak government. While on the ground their co-founder Medea Benjamin declared that the protesters just needed some flowers better their situation. The situation they are speaking of course consists of chaos in the streets with bullets flying through the air, roadblocks maned by armed nuts, and police beating people within an inch of their life. So of course who couldn't see a few flowers making everything better, right?
When they decided to go in search of these magical, nation healing flowers in the heart of Cairo they were stopped in the middle of the street by pro-Mubarak loyalist armed with homemade weapons and pistols. And what did these people who have at ever chance they could rally against the US government do in this situation? They called the US consulate for help, which quickly to them they could not help them because of the dangerous conditions in the streets (guess they should have called and asked them about the situation before heading out in anarchy with their hefty ideals and grand ideals). They quickly had their passports seized and they taxi hijacked as the loyalists said they were "taking them to the police station". The hijacked taxi of "activists" were then driven through the Cairo by the captors until the they ran into a army check point. When the army officer heading the check point saw frightened Western looking women being driven around by government loyalist he asked the women their nationality, to which they quickly and desperately replied "America". The officers smiling relied "I love America". The army officer then forced the loyalist to return their passports and allowed the group of Americans to be on their merry way back to their hotel. Thank goodness for the Egyptian Army right? For most people this would be changing point in terms their political outlook on their surroundings, but not for these people.
Once back within the safety of the hotel they continued their ambitious mission for flowers for the protesters, who ever this time without their dauntless leader in tow. After a few hours the other Code Pink members returned with a "truckload of flowers". They then headed towards the center of the protest in Ciaro at the Freedom Square. While waving signs of "Showing Solidarity with Egypt" they handed out flowers to other protesters. However because of the evolving situation in the square, with loyalists infiltrating and random violence around the squares perimeter, the Code Pink members again hurried back to their hotel. Seeing the situation on the streets was not what they had imagined, the Code Pink members then started looking for ways to leave the country safely. In the end the only way they could find was by private jet, which it turned out  to be chartered for employee of the Shell Oil Company. Setting aside their mile high morals, the Code Pink members were shuttled back to the US via the arch nemesis's own transport.

If I didn't need any other reason to hate these people, besides their blaring hypocrisy and self-centered worldviews, incidents such as these show the true colors of these people. When the situation gets to real thy sell out their morals to save their own hides, and not a single word of thanks to any one who were responsible for saving in moments that normally would have ended badly.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Movie shoot out clip #1

Ending shoot out scene from one of my favorite movie, LA Confidential. Great movie, can show what a few bullets and a good position can do for just two guys against considerable numbers

Zombie Plan

So I just finished reading the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and am now beginning to be paranoid about what will happen to me if the zombies attack. The area that I live in is heavy residential, nearly no gun ownership, sparse police department for the size of the city and a lack of fortifiable buildings. The friends that I've shared the book with have much better locations for zombie survival, but live far enough to where I'd be in  danger traveling to them. Oh well with the limited vantage points around town, with a small amount of food and ammo I'm sure I could make it to the university tower where my rifle can come into play.

The question a pose to blogger is what would you do in a situation facing large amounts of zombies where you needed to either flee or defend your-self? I'm interested in what people would come up with

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soon we will start seeing more of this is Egyptian if that Mubarak guy don't leave and the military doesn't back down to the protesters

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rules to Live By

Open Carry

So I've seen alot of news coverage about citizens open carrying and being harassed other citizens and police in California. Though I do understand why people are fearful about seeing guns in public that are not attached to the hips of police or security people, but the fact that this is not hurting anybody and only causing problems when people fearfully over-react to the spotting of guns. This highlights two things to me: 1. that people have become so removed from information about how firearms are used and operated, plus their rights regarding firearms, and 2. that people have been so conditioned by the media to fear a armed civilian that any sighting of a gun throws them into a state of fear and hysterics without a single provication or threat of violence
I myself and a proponent of open carry (OC) because its is a given right of every citizen to carry their weapons, as long as they abide by the states set laws regarding OC. Under California law you can carry any weapon, from a .22 to and .50 cal rifle, in public as long as you are not within a thousand feet of certain sites (government buildings, schools, or on public transit). Plus in California the OC weapon must be unloaded at all times and be available for inspection of its loaded state by police (thought you can carry loaded magazines with you, just not loaded into the weapon itself). So already OC is limited to certain areas, which is a good idea because it can limit the possibility for misconceptions about that persons intent. But the reason most people OC is becasue in states like California they cannot easily obtain concealed carry weapon permits (CCW). In sattes that have allowed their citizens easier access to CCW's the rate of assaults and muggings is down, because attacking a random person at night runs the risk of getting you shot (though in these sates the rate of attack on tourists is up, because they are not allowed CCW's).
What I am saying here is that the public possession of a firearm in not specified area should not be infringed upon. It is a right that is guaranteed in almost every states laws, and allows for quicker action against crime (since some one is not likely to open fire, for risk of endangering their own freedom and rights by illegally harming some one is a misconception). People should educate themselves about OC and CC, because it is one of the fewest exercised rights under the Second Amendment. Police are not the only line of denfese in the country, they are obligated to enforce the law and not to protect the population in spite of their common slogans. Citizens need to protect themse3lves and those that require their help. Please consider these idea blogspot.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lol flaming Egyptian tank

shits 'bout to get real

Fuck California Gun Laws

OK, as a California resident I am more then entitled to have an opinion about this states stances towards all things guns. Don't get me wrong, this state has alot gun violence and problems that are caused by gun issues. However for every crime that is committed against civilian or criminal, the laws that are created only affect the possession and operation of firearms by common peoples and not the criminals that have forced these laws into affect. Case in point, the California Assault weapon Ban was passed as a result criminal action against civilians and police using high caliber weapons, which then made the state declare numerous weapon types and models illegal. This did not stop these guns being available to those who want them enough and have connections, i.e. criminals. And technically almost every modern weapon is designed so as to qualify as an "assault weapon".
I guess what I'm saying is what I've said here before, gun control is ineffective and hypocritical. We do not need greater gun laws, we need higher education about firearm usage and higher penalties for those who use a firearm in the commission of a crime.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A gunless world

I've been wondering this question lately. As a firearm owner I can't really conceive of a world without guns, since guns have played such a huge part in the formation of current world political dynamic. In the past I've argued with other that have told me that the nowadays the affect of gun violence is such a destabilizing affect that without guns the world would be a more peaceful and stable place for humanity. But as usual I tell them that violence is not a new occurrence that happened to appear with the creation and proliferation of firearm technologies. Violence has always been a part of the human experience, so one could say that the presence of gun violence in the world is merely the newest developmental in human development. In a world without guns we will always find alternative ways to harm and threaten others.

Monday, January 31, 2011


So I've discussed worse case scenarios, "shit hits the fan", with many people with varying perspectives on the topic and still aren't able determine where I find myself. As usually most people consider those who are always planning for the worst case to happen are those who actually desire it to happen, where other say that those who don't plan are merely disregarding the potential for a bad situation to occur and will rely upon other whom are better prepared.
Not wishing for anything in my life to drastically change I hope that nothing bad is to occur, however you can never truly know. So as of recently I have begun mapping different street and walkway routes out of my city and dailly haunts. This may seem paranoid, but like they say I would rather be prepared and not sorry then sorry and unprepared.
Now bringing this back to the blogs focus, guns are a VERY GOOD thing to have in a situation that can turn bad. I personally have stocked up around about 100 shotgun shells of various loads. This is not shoot at the nearest thing that spooks me, but to ensure that if armed deference is required that I won't hear that dread *click* at an inopportune time. Plus that stock of shells will serve me very well in case of a zombie apocalypse (which I will be talking about in the next post).

Oh and just one last thing, this is who I want to be with if S were to ever HTF

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gun ownership

Just a few amongst many

Firearms owners beleifs

Let me start by saying this, this blog is not started to glorify my own beliefs about the impact of guns in our American society, it is merely to show that guns will remain a important part of civilized societies, offering stability and boundaries that were understood if crossed would result in serious consiquences.

I personally was never raised around any firearms, but non the less had a lasting interest in them. As with any kids, today or years before I was drawn in by the power and excitement that guns offered. But with an environment that was not welcoming or suited to gun ownership I had to develop my own views and rationals for owning guns.
Today as any owner I no longer see them just as a tool for power, but objects that serve many functions from sport to security.

To end this first post I leave you with this image to consider