Thursday, February 10, 2011

Code Pink Fails Again

When I heard about this story I could not stop laughing. The head of Code Pink, the ultra-liberal, contradictive war hating group of delusional ass hats, headed to Cairo to this week to "show solidarity with the protesters" against the Mubarak government. While on the ground their co-founder Medea Benjamin declared that the protesters just needed some flowers better their situation. The situation they are speaking of course consists of chaos in the streets with bullets flying through the air, roadblocks maned by armed nuts, and police beating people within an inch of their life. So of course who couldn't see a few flowers making everything better, right?
When they decided to go in search of these magical, nation healing flowers in the heart of Cairo they were stopped in the middle of the street by pro-Mubarak loyalist armed with homemade weapons and pistols. And what did these people who have at ever chance they could rally against the US government do in this situation? They called the US consulate for help, which quickly to them they could not help them because of the dangerous conditions in the streets (guess they should have called and asked them about the situation before heading out in anarchy with their hefty ideals and grand ideals). They quickly had their passports seized and they taxi hijacked as the loyalists said they were "taking them to the police station". The hijacked taxi of "activists" were then driven through the Cairo by the captors until the they ran into a army check point. When the army officer heading the check point saw frightened Western looking women being driven around by government loyalist he asked the women their nationality, to which they quickly and desperately replied "America". The officers smiling relied "I love America". The army officer then forced the loyalist to return their passports and allowed the group of Americans to be on their merry way back to their hotel. Thank goodness for the Egyptian Army right? For most people this would be changing point in terms their political outlook on their surroundings, but not for these people.
Once back within the safety of the hotel they continued their ambitious mission for flowers for the protesters, who ever this time without their dauntless leader in tow. After a few hours the other Code Pink members returned with a "truckload of flowers". They then headed towards the center of the protest in Ciaro at the Freedom Square. While waving signs of "Showing Solidarity with Egypt" they handed out flowers to other protesters. However because of the evolving situation in the square, with loyalists infiltrating and random violence around the squares perimeter, the Code Pink members again hurried back to their hotel. Seeing the situation on the streets was not what they had imagined, the Code Pink members then started looking for ways to leave the country safely. In the end the only way they could find was by private jet, which it turned out  to be chartered for employee of the Shell Oil Company. Setting aside their mile high morals, the Code Pink members were shuttled back to the US via the arch nemesis's own transport.

If I didn't need any other reason to hate these people, besides their blaring hypocrisy and self-centered worldviews, incidents such as these show the true colors of these people. When the situation gets to real thy sell out their morals to save their own hides, and not a single word of thanks to any one who were responsible for saving in moments that normally would have ended badly.