Friday, February 4, 2011

Open Carry

So I've seen alot of news coverage about citizens open carrying and being harassed other citizens and police in California. Though I do understand why people are fearful about seeing guns in public that are not attached to the hips of police or security people, but the fact that this is not hurting anybody and only causing problems when people fearfully over-react to the spotting of guns. This highlights two things to me: 1. that people have become so removed from information about how firearms are used and operated, plus their rights regarding firearms, and 2. that people have been so conditioned by the media to fear a armed civilian that any sighting of a gun throws them into a state of fear and hysterics without a single provication or threat of violence
I myself and a proponent of open carry (OC) because its is a given right of every citizen to carry their weapons, as long as they abide by the states set laws regarding OC. Under California law you can carry any weapon, from a .22 to and .50 cal rifle, in public as long as you are not within a thousand feet of certain sites (government buildings, schools, or on public transit). Plus in California the OC weapon must be unloaded at all times and be available for inspection of its loaded state by police (thought you can carry loaded magazines with you, just not loaded into the weapon itself). So already OC is limited to certain areas, which is a good idea because it can limit the possibility for misconceptions about that persons intent. But the reason most people OC is becasue in states like California they cannot easily obtain concealed carry weapon permits (CCW). In sattes that have allowed their citizens easier access to CCW's the rate of assaults and muggings is down, because attacking a random person at night runs the risk of getting you shot (though in these sates the rate of attack on tourists is up, because they are not allowed CCW's).
What I am saying here is that the public possession of a firearm in not specified area should not be infringed upon. It is a right that is guaranteed in almost every states laws, and allows for quicker action against crime (since some one is not likely to open fire, for risk of endangering their own freedom and rights by illegally harming some one is a misconception). People should educate themselves about OC and CC, because it is one of the fewest exercised rights under the Second Amendment. Police are not the only line of denfese in the country, they are obligated to enforce the law and not to protect the population in spite of their common slogans. Citizens need to protect themse3lves and those that require their help. Please consider these idea blogspot.